Misha DobriyalEdit

Born: December 9, 1986

Arnab and Madhu’s second daughter and younger sister of Panchi, she is a tom-boy. Being pampered by her father, Arnab, she is a bit of a spoilt brat as well. She is this in-your-face girl and treats people according to their character. She is Piya's best friend since Piya arrived at Dehradun.She hates to admit but she has a crush on Shaurya Chauhan who is the architect and is currently restoring part of the college's historical sites. But it turned out he was gay and that he loved Shankar and Shankar fell in love with Misha. She soon finds out that Piya is her step-sister so she leaves the house and lives in the Hostel. She was really mad at Piya and Misha's family. She later pretends to be Abhay's girlfriend to make Piya move on after she got memory loss. After that Panchi pretended. It turns out too that Kabir loves Misha. Misha first doesn't like that but then she eventually loves Kabir too. After Panchi's accident Panchi makes Misha promise to take care of Danish before she dies. Her mom fixes her marriage with Danish. But then it eventually turns out that she married Kabir.