Piya Jaiswal

Born: November 20, 1987

Height: 5' 4" 1.63m

Spouse: Abhayendra Abhay Raichand 2011-present

Father:Arnab Dobriyal 1955-

Mother: Sugandh Jaiswal 1957-1997

Stepsister: 1st Panchi Dobriyal 1985

2nd Misha Dobriyal 1986

Stepmother: Madhu Dobriyal

Piya has always been a different girl,a girl with a mind of her own.'''''Not the one who gets lost in a crowd;Piya never cared about fitting in with the trends and fads.Unlike girls of her age she was advers to love(she had a very strong reason for being lake that; she had a past.)But life had something else in store for her.Destiny held something else for her.And this happens when on getting a scorlarship ,Piya moves to Dehradun to purse her degree.She meets abhay there and falls in love.Abhay is a vampire.Maithili (abhays first love) freezes him as she knows that abhay loves piya.Abhay erases piya's memory.after one year Piya comes from Paris and is a supermodel. After Piya comes back, she always hears Abhay's voice when she needs help and she always feels like a connection to the forest. Whenever she sees the ice block that has Abhay inside it and she always feels a connection and always touches it. Then she meets Jay who she hates at first.But eventually falls in love with her. No matter what he does piya can't take her mind off the ice block.She then eventally unfreezes Abhay by touching his frozen heart accidently.The love story begins again but this time they don't deny their feelings and fight for their love.Abhay and piya end up marrying each other and living happily ever after.