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The story begins with Piyali or Piya , an orphan who goes to Dehradun after getting a scholarship in Mount College. While there, she befriends the outgoing Misha , and college casanova Kabir . Tanushree a.k.a T the colleges 'supposed' diva, takes an instant disliking to Piya. While rappelling with her friends she falls, and is caught by a mysterious young man. The man leaves immediately after helping Piya. Piya is then introduced to Panchi, Misha's sister and Danish , her fiance (who is also Kabir's brother). Piya is shocked to see Misha's father, Arnab Dobriyal, who happens to be her own father (not that he knows), who had left her mother long before when Piya was a child. But she doesn't tell him anything. A young man named Abhay Raichand from a very rich family comes to the college to seek admission. Piya realises that it was the same mysterious man who saved her life. A new principal is hired (courtesy Mr.& Mrs. Raichand). When Piya finds out that her roommate, Maya is pregnant, she gets on the case of finding out who the guy is. Piya doubts Abhay and he admits to it. Piya records a video of Maya and a guy, whose back is only seen, and she believes it is Abhay. Danish proposes to Panchi and the Dobriyals' organize a party where comes to know that Danish made Maaya pregnant, she reveals this to maya and Abhay and confronts Danish and he accepts but he manages to clear out the proofs Piya collected. Everybody starts hating Abhay except for Piya. She tries helping him. Panchi calls the police and asks them to arrest Abhay, but Piya stops them by stating that on the day Maya was hurt, Abhay was with her in the Boy's Locker Room. Danish comes to hurt Piya at her hostel. Abhay reaches before Danish and takes Piya to his house for her own safety and, there she spends the night in his room. Piya nearly sees a photo of Maithili (a girl who resembles Piya, and whom Abhay used to love) but Abhay pulls it from her hand before she sees the face. When she asks Abhay whether Maithili was her girlfriend and he says Yes. Haseena Raichand comes to check, Abhay picks Piya up quickly and takes her to the bed, just in time before Haseena opens the door. Pia unknowingly sleeps in Abhay's arms which she feels bad about later. The next day, the principal of the college comes to Piya's class and announces that a girl from their college had spent a night at a boy's house and the parents have come to identify the girl. Arnab comes to Piya's rescue at the principal's office and points out justice hasn't been delivered since Piya is the only one accused and not Abhay. Abhay is also called. He disagrees in front of his parents that Piya was not with him that night. Piya goes home with Mr. Dobriyal and is greeted by a rather hostile Panchi. Piya is called to attend a phone call by the matron who reveals to her that she found a cheque addressed from Danish to Maya. She asks Piya to see if Maya has received it. Piya sees this as possible proof to reveal Danish's true nature in front of the whole family but after she reveals it to Misha, the Dobrial family say that Danish has told them everything. Arnab almost slaps Piya but just in time Abhay stops him and takes her away. In class, Piya gets a lot of notes with rather nasty and insulting comments. She gets upset again and Abhay supports her. Misha goes to the locker room where she realizes that the date on the cheque was 6th november whereas the Maya affair had started on 1st december. Meanwhile back in class, Abhay gets some sort of a concussion where his eyes change colour and he gets extremely, uncontrollably furious. He recovers from it soon enough to tell the whole class to get down on their knees immediately. The class thinks that he has lost his mind but they obey. Suddenly, an earthquake hits and almost everything in the class is destroyed. After the tremors, the class runs out to safety and suddenly Piya remembers that Misha is still in the locker room. Piya tries to find another way out to the locker room and she chances upon a broken down wall(which Abhay had broken down, having sensed that Misha was still in there stuck underneath the debris) and she sees someone(Abhay, hidden by the dark) carrying Misha to safety. By the time she calls everyone to where she is, he's gone. Piya goes back to the locker room having doubted the same. There she finds Abhay's pen. Abhay goes back to college and realizes that his pen is missing. He asks a peon if he had seen his pen anywhere, and he is suggested to ask Piya (she was in there earlier to ask for the CCTV footage of the locker room at the time of the earthquake to prove Abhay's involvement). Abhay finds her just in time and he warns her to keep her distance from the issue and that she must learn to respect people's privacy. At the Raichand mansion, having been assured that all's going to be well for the family, Haseena and Abhay watch the news. The reporter says that the media has finally find out who the hero is and this would be revealed later that night. Abhay immediately doubts Piya and he feels betrayed for having trusted her and supporting her. He decides to confront her, which results in a rift between them. But after watching T boasting as Misha's saviour, Abhay gets to know that it wasn't Piya who called them & goes to apologize to her.When he reaches the forest he finds Piya & apologises. Suddenly,he saves Piya before a branch falls on her. Shocked at his act, she asks him how he could predict unpredictable accidents & attacks on her & the others and asks him what he is. Soon, they have a heated argument & Piya says that she will leave Abhay's life forever. He agrees to it and says that it is right for both of them. But in their hearts, both have unconditional love for each other which they haven't realized yet. Meanwhile, Misha recovers and she discovers Danish's truth somehow, after getting Piya's phone fixed. She apologises to Piya who willingly forgives her but, they pretend to continue fighting in front of others. Piya finally sees Maithili's photo in Abhay's wallet. She gets her hair straightened and confronts Abhay. Piya asks Abhay who Maithili is, because of which Abhay tells her to stay away from him. Abhay leaves but, not before he overhears Misha and Piya making plans to bring out Danish's truth in front of everybody at Danish's bachelor's party.Danish's party is on and Kabir chances upon Misha and Piya going somewhere together and his doubts arise. Maya is back, having returned after telling her family the truth and she apologies to Piya for having left without her knowledge, leaving her, alone to face Danish and the Dobriyal family and, that she has to apologies to Abhay too, for leaving him the trouble to face her problems single-handedly. Maya's now not afraid to face Danish anymore. Kabir breaks in on the conversation and, from Maya and the rest, he learns the entire truth. Misha comes up with a new plan. She coaxes Panchi into gatecrashing the bachelor's party. Meanwhile, Abhay arrives hoping to prevent Piya from getting into more trouble. He senses Piya walking with Maya, in disguise, and stops her from behind. Abhay is unhappy to see Piya dressed like a belly dancer for the party. He said he didn't know she is "that" type of girl, to which Piya replies - it is none of his business. They have a heated argument and Piya slaps Abhay in fury. Suddenly, he shouts 'Maithili' out at her and an already furious Piya leaves. Piya and Maya dance at the party to entertain the guests. Meanwhile, Misha arrives with Panchi at the party and Kabir lures Danish to a room upstairs where Maya is waiting for him. An argument ensues and without his knowledge, Panchi listens to the entire conversation and she discovers the truth. Panchi breaks into the room with Misha and slaps Danish asking him why he did this, that instead of taking responsibility of a mistake he already committed, he tried to hide it in such a manner. Misha then adds to proof, the difference in the date on the cheque and the fact that she was able to recover the video from the Piya's mobile. Panchi's and Danish's parents arrive in time to listen to the whole conversation. Kabir calls the police. Seeing all lost and no way to escape, Danish becomes very agitated and blames Piya for destroying his life. He picks up a knife and tries to harm her. Suddenly Abhay reaches there and stops him thereby, terribly injuring his hand. Kabir arrives with the police and Danish is arrested. Abhay leaves and Piya blames herself for the injury caused to him. Abhay mysteriously clears the wound on his palm. Piya goes after him to enquire if he's alright and she sees blood (his blood)on the ground evaporating mysteriously. She follows him to the forest where she sees him leaning in front of a tombstone.Meanwhile, Mrs.Dobriyal is back home from the wedding shopping spree and when she sees her family's faces, she gets to know something's wrong. Arnab,Misha and Panchi tell her the entire incident and Misha furthers abuses Danish and his vile character,not knowing that her father was once like that too(with Piya's mother).Back at the forest,Abhay leaves and Piya takes a closer look at the tombstone.It is Maithili's!...Piya is now more than ever eager to find out what's the connection Maithili had with Abhay, and their story. She is about to leave when she suddenly comes face-to-face with Abhay, who warns her again to stay away from his life.Misha calls Piya home and she leaves.Mrs.Dobriyal thanks Piya for saving Panchi's life(something that only a sister can think of).Meanwhile,Mr.Raichand asks Abhay to get Danish released on bail,having received a phone call from Danish, who explains to him that Piya's destroyed his life and has sent him to jail and now she's after Abhay,doing almost the same thing(Danish's plan now is to make Mr.Raichand his alibi, since his entire family is against him).Piya and the rest of the girls have a sleepover. Misha comes up with the idea of calling spirits with the 'Ouija' board and Piya says that she wants to call on Maithili's spirit.Arnab shares his views about the incident with his wife.He feels miserable for having misjudged Piya for Danish.Madhu tells him Piya is his daughter and they have a brief argument and Madhu wakes up only to realize its a dream.Mr.Dobriyal gets a call saying that Danish has been released on bail and he is wanted at the police station.Kabir is lost in thoughts and his father thinks he's thinking about Danish but,Kabir is actually thinking about Piya for he feels so guilty for terribly accusing her and not supporting her when she knew the truth.He knows that Piya won't take him back again. Meanwhile,Misha,Ruhi and Panchi ask the board questions and they're all faced with comical answers(proving thus far that the board is fake).When Piya's turn comes, she questions Maithili's presence in the room.Immediately lightning and thunder strike and a fierce wind blows out the candles.Suddenly, the coin starts moving on its own, so fast, that Misha writes down the message.It reads 'Abhay is your destiny',answering Piya's question as to what connection she has with Abhay.At the police station,Mr.Dobrial confronts Danish and asks him who had the cheek to get him out of jail and just then, Abhay enters the room and says his father made him do it, since Danish is their company's employee. Arnab is disgusted because he knows Mr.Raichand has done this for personal reasons and he tells Danish that he's not going to let him get away after playing with all their lives.Meanwhile,Panchi realises that Misha and Ruhi were only playing it up with the board with magnets but,when Piyashfa says Abhay's case is complicated,Misha confesses saying that once the lightning struck all their hands were off the board so, for sure no one made that part up.Piya and the rest wonder who or what it was that made this happen,all drawing the same conclusion that Maithili must've been present all this while. Abhay and Danish are on their way home and Danish makes snide comments at Piya and he says that if he ever had the chance, he would kill her.Abhay gets extremely furious and stops the car.He asks Danish to get out of the car and check the engine.While Danish is checking,Abhay bangs the bonnet shut on Danish,angrily and says that he'll never let Danish do what he wants with Piya because he will protect her and stay by her side,like a shadow.Kabir comes to the Dobriyal house and has a word with Misha about apologising to Piya.He is doubtful of her forgiving him and taking him back as her boyfriend, after having treated her so miserably. Piya enters and she does forgive Kabir when he apologises but, she says that she'll be only a friend to him ,to which Kabir reluctantly agrees.Abhay reaches home and Mr.Raichand questions him where Danish is.Abhay lies saying that after what happened,Danish wanted to be left alone to think things over.Mr.Raichand tells him that if Danish doesn't turn up for a project that he's handling,Abhay has to go with him.Abhay casually states that he's got to go to college and that there's a trip planned to go to the museum. A sceptical Mrs.Raichand declares that he's not permitted to go there because its on the other side of the river and they(their kind)are not allowed into that territory and he would be immediately caught if he does go.Abhay doesn't care anyway and says he'll manage himself.Everyone in college is excited to go.Piya sits with Kabir with Abhay watching them close behind.When Kabir playfully flirts with her,Abhay tries hard to hide his jealousy.But,Abhay is no saint no less;he purposely flirts with T in hopes of making Piya jealous too.Its almost late in the evening when they arrive at the river and stops abruptly, and suddenly Abhay is made to think twice about what his mother had said. The tyres have been punctured and the bus cannot go further.So,the group decide to camp by the river for the night.Abhay is dismayed and he stays aloof from the rest of the group but keeps a close watch on them.At the bonfire,they play a game of 'Spin the bottle/Truth or Dare' to entertain themselves.When Kabir's turn comes,he chooses truth and expresses his love for Piya in front of everyone.Abhay seems to not care but, he's actually listening.Abhay's turn comes and at first, he chooses truth but later, chooses dare and is asked to kiss a girl,which he does.He kisses T on the cheek,much to the astonishment of the others,especially Piya, who is shaken by the act.Misha plays a prank on T and gets her locked in the bus.Ruhi comes to get her and since she's drunk again, gets her to go sleep. Abhay's rudely defies Panchi's instructions to not stray away from the group and wander around the camp.Piya comes to Panchi's defense and when she tries to question with Abhay,he insults her terribly and a tearful Piya walks away.Abhay secretly prays that Piya wouldn't do anything stupid after what he said to her.Piya comes back to the camp,and goes to talk to Misha but, on hearing from Ruhi she's already asleep,she goes into the tent anyway.The tent is in darkness and Piya expresses her love towards Abhay to a sleeping Misha,or so she thinks.After having confessed everything to her,Piya brightens the lamp light and is shocked to see Abhay sitting in front of her(confirming the fact that he had been listening to Piya all this while and not Misha,as she had thought).Abhay rudely confronts her and insults her for being so silly and throwing herself at him, like the other girls do.Piya remains speechless throughout the conversation and Abhay leaves the tent. He runs into the forest at high speed and takes out his anger and frustration on his surroundings.Kabir wakes Misha up and tells her that if they both don't watch over Piya,she might land herself in trouble with Abhay.Misha plays a hilarious prank on the campers, dressed like an old woman but,Panchi does get a hint,its her.Danish's mother comes to the Raichand mansion to verify his whereabouts since he hasn't returned home and Chand assures her that he'll return soon.But,Haseena is quick to suspect something's wrong.Later,Chand and Haseena watch the news and they are in for a shock, when the reporter reveals that wolves have been sited on the other side of the river.Panchi gets the news too, and she asks everyone to stay together, within the camp limits.Abhay is seriously worried now because he knows too well why the wolves have come-for him. Panchi tells them all that there all wolves in the forest, and asks everyone to stay together. He runs into the forest at high speed and takes out his anger and frustration on his surroundings.Kabir wakes Misha up and tells her that if they both don't watch over Piya,she might land herself in trouble with Abhay.Misha plays a hilarious prank on the campers, dressed like an old woman but,Panchi does get a hint,its her.Danish's mother comes to the Raichand mansion to verify his whereabouts since he hasn't returned home and Chand assures her that he'll return soon.But,Haseena is quick to suspect something's wrong.Later,Chand and Haseena watch the news and they are in for a shock, when the reporter reveals that wolves have been sited on the other side of the river.Panchi gets the news too, and she asks everyone to stay together, within the camp limits.Abhay is seriously worried now because he knows too well why the wolves have come-for him. meanwhile, Ruhi(tracker) wanders into the forest alone to get her jeevansaathi. Misha tells Piya that she played a prank on them, and Panchhi too finds out. She scolds Misha and the whole grup sets off to find tracker. Abhay senses something wrong and goes forth. Suddenly Piya too goes missing and misha and kabir are really worried. Abhay finds tracker, who is being kidnapped by someone. Pia is silently watching.Suddenly three of them are surrounded by wolves on all the sides. There Abhay saves piya from a pack of wolves.because of this the colege decides to go to Pandher fort. Abhay refuses to go.The caretaker tells every one that this fort belonged to King pandher whose daughter was maithali , she was beautiful but gave away her life as she fell in love with a guy.When everyone leaves , Piya is accidentally locked and Danish covers his face and comes to kill her but Abhay saves piya.Piya sees a photo of Maithali and questions Abhay and he tells her that she is writing a book on her and is obssessed with her.Soon Danish runs from the fort and comes in front of Chand's car. Danish asks help from Chand to get rid of Piya and he agrees. Piya twists her ankle and Abhay carries her to a river and removes her sprain though piya doesn't understand how he does it. While seeing Piya, he struggles to control himself saying she is just another ordinary girl. When they start walking again, piya is abducted by a bunch of punks and Abhay saves her again. Meanwhile the college bus returns having noticed that Piya is missing. They see Abhay and Piya near a jeep that is turned to a side and the now unconscious punks.Piya realises that her pendant which is the last thing she has of her mom is lost, she cries and Abhay goes to find the pendant in the Pandher Fort where he remembers how he met Maithali and says that Piya and Maithali are becoming one in his heart and he is waiting for Maithali to come back. Arnab is worried where Piyali could be. He decides to search for her, but does not inform Madhu about it. Abhay brings Piya's pendant wrapped in a cloth and returns it to her. He screams in pain when the chain and pendant fall on his hand. Piya is shocked to see wounds on Abhay's hand. Piya overhears Angad talking to his friends about Abhay's strength. She realises that Abhay is definitely keeping a secret. Piya questions Abhay over various incidents and he justifies his answers. He is stunned when Piya asks him about the silver chain falling on his hand and him screaming in pain.Piya questions abhay about his supernatural powers which he answers but tells that he is allergic to silver. Piya does a research keeping Abhay's behaviour in mind. She is shocked to see that the results are for vampires. Abhay comes to know that Piya was doing a research on vampires. Piya finds out through Misha that Arnab has a collection of books on vampires. Piya reads a book on vampires from Arnab's collection. She is baffled as the description matches with that of Abhay behaviour. Piya asks for help from Abhay on her research. Abhay is stunned when Piya says her subject is vampires. He tells her he can't help her when vampires aren't real and wishes Piya to forget it. Piya puts this information on a website and comes to that these features belong to a Vampire(Nosferatu).Piya reads more about Vampires.In college, Kabir warns abhay not to hurt piya or else. Piya calls Abhay and says that she is doing some research on vampires. Abhay is scared that if she comes to know what the truth is, she wont be able to handle it. The next day Panchi goes for interview but when she hears people saying that the boss imploys people who wear short clothes she immediatly leaves the ofice. When panchi returns home everyone suprises her. They give a party. Misha invites Abhay soo that she can get Abhay and pia close but kabir does not like this.Panchi plans to play paper dance so that Abhay and Pia get close. Meanwhile Pia is trying to know whether Abhay is a vampire or not so she gives abhay a dring in a silver glass(because vampires burn when they touch silver). Meanwhile Piya is trying to find out what is Abhay's truth, so she offers Abhay a drink in a silver glass and he takes the glass and raises for Panchi and tells Piya that he can see what she is trying to do from her face. The paper dance starts and Abhay is worried about Piya finding out about him. Later, Piya finds out that the glasses were fake and not silver. Some professional engineers are working for restoring a heritage site near the college. Shourya Chauhan, an architect, comes to the site. Misha is unable to take off her eyes from him. The students are asked about their research topic. Everyone makes fun of Piya when she says her topic is vampires. She says she has something in her locker which can prove that vampires still exist.When Abhay confronts her near her locker she says he is free to see the information above which a pure silver box is kept.Piya is shocked when Abhay puts the Box aside and makes fun of her research. Abhay later takes out his layer of burnt skin and throws it.Piya comes to know that today was his birthday and goes to his house where haseena approaches her gives her a cake.She is shocked when Haseena doesn't initially show that she knows abhay's birthdayArnab informs Madhu about his daughter Piyali being alive. Madhu is scared as the past haunts her again. She lies to Arnab when she receives a call from Piya's orphanage. Piya remembers that Arnab has done some research on vampires. She goes to him and seeks help. Haseena feels everything is going wrong and wonders if they will survive. She's taken aback when she feels there are wolves outside. She tries to pacify herself and thinks it could have been an illusion. Misha dreams of Shaurya coming to her room through the window. Haseena and Chand decide to throw a birthday party for Abhay as Piya is now aware of it. Haseena asks Abhay to behave surprised. In college Piya gets a book on the history of Pandher and Abhay angrily confronts her but later they almost kiss and Abhay reminds her to stay away from him.Piya gets a printout of Maithali's picture in the book and is out of her senses when she spots the image of abhay in the corner looking very hazy.She was very near to the truth. and She was very near to the truth. Piya needed help to read the book as the script was written in Pandher's tribal language. Abhay tries to stop her from reading the book, but later as she goes to the Pandher Palace and palace's guide helps her. She went to Pandher Palace and palace's guider was knowing the Pandher Old Language. At first the guide is shocked seeing Piya (as she is the princess look-alike). The guide narrates the story of the book, which is the story of Pandher. The rotten place was a prosperous royal fort at a time. The guide told Piya that in that time, the plates were made of gold. A red carpet was spreaded so she can walk on her.King of Pandher called Kings. The Princess of Pandher was a mark of beauty and the pride of the king. Kings and Princes' from far away came to Pandher just to have a look of the princess. Royal Prince's where invited to be selected as the Princess Mate. But she ignored all the proposals because the Princess was in love with Abhayendra (a stable boy and look alike of Abhay). When the king gets the wind of it he separates them and arrests Abhayendra. As the king plans to kill him the princess frees him fron the jail and promises to meet him in the heart of forest, as king gets to know of this and orders to kill the princess. The story moves as piya talks to the portrait of the princess knowing her sad love story. She is confused to as she is a look-alike of the Princess and Abhay is Abhayendra's look-alike? or is Abhayendra as Abhay is still waiting to meet Maithali?Haseena meets Piya in college and gives her an invitation card for Abhay's birthday party. Piya goes to the old library in college as they're distributing free books. She finds a book on the history of Pandher. Abhay's intuituion makes him alert. Abhay confronts Piya saying the topic of Pandher is for his research. He asks her not to interfere. Piya scans a photograph of Maithali from the book. She is petrified when she sees Abhay in the same picture.Abhay recalls that Maithali was alive years ago. She wonders how Abhay is in the photograph with her. Piya asks the librarian about the script of the book - History of Pandher. She also finds out who can help her read the script. Piya is turned down by the man who knows how to read the script, as Abhay had told him not to help her. Piya goes to the fort and finds a man. She asks him about the script and if he can read it. The man starts narrating the story of Maithali. The man tells Piya about Maithali and Abhayendra's love. Abhayendra was a servant in the palace. Maithali's father punished her in the form of death when he came to know of their love.Abayendra, in an attempt to save Maithali, also died in the fire. Piya tries to connect the missing links about Abhay and Maithali. She tries to figure a way out so that she comes to know the truth. Everybody comes to Abhay's surprise birthday party. Haseena informs this to Abhay and reminds him to act surprised. Everyone is surprised to see Misha in a dress. She falls in Shaurya's arms when he comes closer to her.Abhay acts surprised when he enters the house. While going to his room he feels he saw Maithali. Shaurya takes Misha on the dance floor, after much resistance by her. She tells him how uncomfortable she is in her attire. Shaurya figures out that Misha is trying to impress someone. Piya gifts the book - History of Pandher - to Abhay for his research topic. She sees pain in his eyes when he sees Maithali's picture. She wants to know the link. Danish has been invited by Chand. He tries to talk to Panchi but Abhay stops him. Abhay reminds Chand that it is the same date on which Maithali died. He is forced to cut the cake by Chand and Haseena.Abhay sees Maithali while cutting the cake and later finds her earring. He is very happy to know that Maithali's spirit is back for him, as promised years ago. Later, he realises how the earring can be there if Maithali's spirit was here. He feels Piya is playing games with him. Abhay confronts Piya by asking her about the earring. He checks her earring and is stunned to see different ones. He is glad to realise that Maithali is around. Piya heaves a sigh of relief as she was almost caught by Abhay. Misha avoids Shaurya and he figures this out. He asks her the reason but she doesn't answer. Shaurya tells Ruhi how he liked Misha on the first day he met her. Piya dresses up as Maithali. Abhay screams Maithali's name when he is reminded of her death and when he sees her in front of him. Everybody at the party is shocked.Chand and Haseena take Abhay to a room. Piya sees them coming and is dressed up as Maithali. She hides in a closet. She is shocked to find out the truth about Chand and Haseena. Chand and Haseena are angry at the change in Abhay's behaviour. They sense somebody is in that room. Chand locks the door of the room. Angad confronts Shaurya and throws a challenge at him. Misha suggests what the challenge will be and that the winner will take Ruhi out on a date. The challenge is to draw a moustache on T's face. T is disgusted by the way Shaurya talks to her. Angad wins the challenge with the help of a coin. Piya gets out of the locked room and comes out of the garden. She is worried as she is still in Maithali's costume. Abhay spots her and calls out to her.Piya pretends to be on a call in front of Abhay. Later, she goes in front of him as Maithali again. Piya lands up in the room where she was locked and at the same time Abhay unlocks the door. She behaves like Maithali. Abhay is about to reveal his truth to her when Haseena comes. Shaurya tries to find out if Misha likes some boy or is in love. He is stunned when he gets opposite reactions from everybody. Arnab is shocked when the nun tells him that she had given the address of Sugandh's daughter's orphanage to Madhu. Abhay is furious to realise that Piya was playing games with him. He decides to teach her a lesson saying she has to pay for it.Piya assures Madhu that she will never let Arnab know about being his daughter. She asks her to let her go and stay in the hostel. Abhay takes Piya to a cave and yells at her for acting like Maithali. Piya takes this chance to question him. She tells him she knows that his parents are not his real parents. Piya tells Abhay that she wanted to find out about him as she does not want to lose him. Abhay tells Piya that they are in a cave where vampires reside. He leaves her alone there. The next morning, Abhay comes to take Piya away from the cave. Later, when he sees her in college he feels guilty for hurting her. Abhay apologises to Piya for his behavior the previous night. He kisses her wounds and they disappear. A man gets inside Panchi's car and asks her to drive. She is disgusted by the man and throws him out of the car. Later, she is in for a shock when the man turns out to be her boss. Chand and Haseena are watching the video recording of Abhay's birthday party. They are shocked to see Piya dressed as Maithali. They decide to leave Dehradun Abhay is upset since Chand and Haseena have decided to leave the city. He feels better in Dehradun. He wonders if it's because of Piya and is reminded of Maithali. Kabir asks Piya why she likes Abhay so much when all he's done for her is hurt her. Piya confesses to Kabir that she loves Abhay. Chand and Haseena had come to college to remove Abhay's name from the list. Later, they see Piya and ask her about the birthday party on purpose. Abhay wants Piya to promise him a few things. She does not understand why he's doing so. Abhay is heartbroken to think about leaving the city and Piya. Piya wonders why Abhay was behaving in a weird manner. She sees that he has left a silver ring wrapped in a cloth, by mistake. Panchi is disgusted by her boss as he comes across as a womanizer. Meanwhile, Angad tells Misha that he likes Ruhi and not her. Piya is heartbroken to know that Abhay has left the city. Madhu and Arnab are on their way to Piyali's orphanage. Madhu asks Arnab to choose between them and Piyali. Abhay is unable to stop thinking about Piya. He has an urge to meet her, but resists. Piya thinks if Abhay has left because of her.Arnab reaches the orphanage. To his disappointement, the nun informs him that Piyali was sent to some other orphanage and that they have no written records of it. The nun informs Madhu that she acted according to her plan and lied to Arnab. Madhu assures the nun that Piya is safe. Madhu is stunned when the nun tells her that Piya had called a few days ago and had asked to hide the truth about her from Arnab. Madhu convinces the family to let Piya stay in the hostel, as she herself wants to. Arnab tries to stop Piya as he feels he should take care of her, like somebody must be taking care of his daughter Piyali. Piya is delighted to receive a note from Abhay asking her to meet him. She comes out of the hostel in search of him. Danish hits her by his car and she is left lying in a pool of blood. After sometime Kabir goes by and sees Piya in a pool of blood. He takes her to hospital and calls misha and her family to the hospital.When Madhu sees Piya's condition and decides to tell Arnab that Piya is his own Piyali. Meanwhile Kabir and Arnab call the police and tell them to find out the person who tried to kill Piya. Misha calls Tracker to bring others. Abhay feels that Piya is in danger and comes to dehradun.He sees Piya and tells her ( through his heart ) that she will be alright.On receiving a call from Kabir, he comes there quickly, before Kabir could leave the receiver from his hand. Kabir is angry when Abhay cuts his phonecall. Abhay is heartbroken to see her in such a condition. Abhay goes in Piya’s room and heals her wounds by kisses her on them. The doctors are shocked to see Piya alright. She knows, in her heart, that Abhay has healed her. Abhay refuses as if he knows. Meanwhile, Chand and Haseena come there and are angry to see Abhay in Dehradun. They have a heated conversation in which it is implied that they are caretaking for him because of someone elses fear. Abhay says that he doesn’t want to live with them and after, he goes. Piya happens across to listen to Chand and Haseena saying that Abhay will have to listen to them when the authorities step in. Abhay comes to see Piya in the hostel . After he falls asleep Piya goes to the place Maithali died and puts it on fire to find out Abhay’s truth. Chand and Haseena come and close the door intact due to which when Piya tries to escape, fearing that she herself will get caught in her trap, if Abhay not comes, she is unsuccessful. Abhay saves her but not without revealing his identity as a vampire which is seen through his fangs and and animal looks. Piya runs away from him and Abhay gets upset. Piya decides to leave Dehradun. Abhay comes to see her and wordlessly leaves. Piya , after realizing she is still in love with Abhay comes back to know everything from Abhay but when she tries contacting him, he does not show interest. Abhay is still hurt as Piya technically betrayed him after knowing his secret but later realizes that Piya should stay away from him. Misha confesses her love for Shaurya to Piya. Now Tracker and she gets in a race to get Shaurya. Chand and Haseena are shocked to see Piya alive.A new woman enters the Mount College. Kabir and the gang is stunned to see her. The girls are jealous from her. Later, it is revealed that her name is Shanaya and she is the new sports teacher. Kabir challenged Abhay to have a basketball match which he accepts. Abhay wins the match and says he's the state level winner so do not mess with him. Shanaya (sports teacher) asks Abhay to join the basketball team but he refuses. Shanaya is a suspicious person hired by an unshown person (possibly Danish) to harm Abhay. Everyone gets a project about their family trees. They are also asked to bring home-videos of their childhood. When everyone was watching Piya's movie, Arnab comes but Piya takes off the plug just in time which Abhay sees. Abhay saves her in front of everyone by declaring that the disc is corrupted. Later, Abhay asks Piya why she took out the plug but she refuses to tell, and she breaks the disk and throws it away. Abhay later takes it out of the trash and takes it to a store to get it fixed. On the other side, a charity fashion show is being held. Everyone is getting ready for it. Finally, through great efforts Misha won the charity show, but T again tried to spoil Piya's dress. Misha shows Arnab her new trophy, and he says that they should have a party for her. In the night, Abhay comes to give her the fixed CD. Piya was trying on a new dress and gets scissors to cut off the tag. when Abhay comes in, she accidently cuts herself. Abhay's inner self is attracted by the smell of her blood and he almost bites her. Then he stops himself and gives her the CD. Piya and Abhay walk to the party. They realise their love for each other. On reaching Misha's house, Abhay foresees some danger. At the party,Kabir is drunk and misbehaves with Abhay. He tells Piya that he loves her and asks what's her relation with Abhay. Abhay intervenes and says they are in a relationship and leaves the spot with Piya. Piya asks about his differrential behaviour with Kabir. Abhay tells sorry to Piya to mess between them. But later tells that some danger is there for her and that he has to stay close to her. Abhay comes to know that Arnab is Piya's father. The next day is valentines day. A new economics professor, Shankar, enters the college. Meanwhile a couples games is won by Piya and Abhay and they dance together.

The next day at college, they are giving the next year scholarship to someone. Piya`s uncle is the trusty and decides to reject Piya for the next year scholarship. Abhay sees and talks to him. Piya and her uncle talk and he gives the scholarship to Piya. Arnab see her name as Piyali Jaiswal and finds out she is his daughter. She goes into the forest and she gets hurt. Abhay comes to save her and sees that she is bleeding. He tries to stop himself from drinking her blood. He wipes her blood off and she gains consciousness for a few seconds but she faints again. Abhay then realizes that her body is cold and removes his shirt off and hugs her to get her body warm. The next day there was a business conference in which Siddharth, Panchhi, Mr. Raichand and Danish all had come. The bid starts and Sid and Chand keep on bidding. At the end Chand wins the bid, then Sid turns behind and looks at Chand. Everyone leaves and then Sid and Chand talk to each other. Sid then addresses Chand as his father. Chand excluded Siddharth from his family a long time ago. Chand asks Siddharth to leave Dehradun and gives him a warning that if he doesn't follow his order, it will not be good for him. Siddharth then tells chand that he knows very well that who will be a danger for whom while Abhay comes to the business conference place and finds Siddharth. Siddharth seeing him goes away. Abhay now knows the danger which he had forseen at the party night. It was later revealed that it was none Sid who has hired Shanaya to spy on Abhay. Abhay decides to maintain distance from Piya thinking that if Sid will get to know about he and Piya, he will definetly try to harm her . Meanwhile, Sid organises a campus placement program in Mt. College to catch Piya. Abhay insults Piya in order to keep her away from him and confirms Piya missing to interview with Sid. On the other side, Shaurya is revealed to be a gay and has a crush on Shankar. Meanwhile, its revealed that Abhay and Sid has a mystery revolving around Maithli and they both were once on good terms. Later Piya gets one more chance for the interview. Knowing this, Abhay hits Piya with her car so that as to avoid her encounter with Sid. Meanwhile, Arnab sees Abhay and takes her to the hostel. In the office, Haseeena comes to meet Sid. Panchhi tells him about Piya and she sees a gemstone lying on the table, wondering, touches it to which Sid reacts explosively and warns her not to touch it ever. Sid then arrives hostel but before he could see her, Abhay takes her in the forest to protect her. He then heals Piya's wounds. Abhay asks Piya to wear a locket so as to protect her from Sid. T gets a job in Sid's office and he asks Panchhi to organise a party for him as he is curious about Piya. He asks her not to invite Abhay. Piya is happy to recieve message about party, while Abhay is worried.That day Piya leaves for the party and as she rings the doorbell, Abhay catches her and drives her to her hostel.In the way,they have an arguement and she gets off the car, saying that Siddharth is way better than a vampire,not knowing that he is one too.Abhay is frustrated with her too,and leaves her in the middle of the way.Meanwhile at the party,Siddharth and T are dancing together and Pancchi gets jealous.So,to seek revenge,she drops the vodkas on T's dress.On the other hand,Piya gets a lift and is dropped a few miles away from Siddharth's house.Feeling suspicious, she throws Abahay's locket and just then, Siddharth gets a whiff of her. T agrees reluctantly. Siddharth goes in search of Piya and finds her. He is surprised to see that Piya is a look-alike of Mathilda and asks her to leave her to hostel. Meanwhile, Abhay goes to the college to take his gym bag and notices Piya in Siddharth's car.Then Siddharth gets a vision thet he bites piya but at the same time Piya appears in his office for the job. Siddharth insists Piya that she can be his personal assistant.T comes and start flirting with him.Panchi sees this and shares this with Piya. Here in the Dobiyal house, Madhu talks about Misha's and Panchi's behavior to Arnab. Abhay asks for Piya in the collage,hostel but could not find her.So he comes to misha and says this to her.They try calling but piya does not receive it.Misha starts doubting on shankar and starts spying on him.Shankar gives a girl a lift and the girl says that she's gonna wait there until her friend comes but Shankar decides to wait with her as he had heard about the murder in the forest nearby.Shankar then bends down to take the girls pen but Misha comes and falls on him.Then misha says some excuse and leaves from there.Abhay then calls Misha and asks panchi's office number to check if piya is there or not.After calling,the receptionist tells that piya jaiswal does not work there but when Piya passes she asks her and gives the phone to her.Abhay is shocked to hear her voice and without answering,he disconnects the phone.Siddharth insists on dropping Piya to the hostel. Abhay is waiting for Piya outside the hostel. When Piya leaves, Abhay warns Siddharth of getting closer to Piya. Siddharth takes this as a challenge and assures Abhay of trapping Piya soon.Panchi scolds T of coming late to work. Out of revenge, T gives Panchi’s file to Siddharth saying its Piya’s. Siddharth is impressed by Piya’s work and wants to take her out for dinner. Piya confesses saying the file belongs to Panchi. Siddharth is adamant about taking Piya out. T provokes Panchi against Piya.The police inspector, who found a bracelet near the murder spot, takes the bracelet to a jewellery shop. He finds out the bracelet belongs to Abhay. Abhay follows Shanaya into the forest and finds out that she's working for Siddharth. Siddharth senses Abhay's presence. The next day, Siddharth is shocked to see Abhay at office. He asks Panchi about the 'new guy'. Panchi has hired him as her assistant. Siddharth plans to trap Abhay with his plans. Later, he irritates Abhay while flirting with Piya in front of him. Chand meets Siddharth and asks him about the reason of his return. He warns Siddharth to stay away from his family. Shanaya confronts Abhay for using her to find out about Siddharth. Siddharth takes Piya out for dinner and dances with her. Abhay finds out from Panchi about their dinner and reaches the place in an infuriated state. Shanaya complains against abhay at the police station.Then Police arrest Abhay with all the proofs.Siddharth comes to shanaya's house.She is eagerly waiting for his arrival.Siddharth then kills her.On the other hand Abhay is bailed as Piya becomes his character witness.Mr. Raichand confronts Sidddharth. They have a verbal showdown and Mr. Raichand gives Siddharth a severe warning. Siddharth makes a place on the college board. Shankar's love continues to unfold at college. He keeps daydreaming. Mr. and Mrs. Raichand discuss the feud between the brothers. They try to reason with Abhay. He is however determined to fight it out. Siddharth discusses Abhay's case with Panchi. He woos her with his words and calls killers, animals. Siddharth wants to trap Panchi. Tanushree comes to see Siddharth for work. He woos her too. He uses her to make his next move against Piya and Abhay.Everybody at Mount College is getting ready for exams. Kabir and Abhay have a tiff while studying together. Siddharth wonders about his plans. Panchi and Siddharth visit Mount College. Tanushree tells Siddharth she is going to harm Piya. Misha blackmails Shankar into being her writer for exams. Ruhi tries to get a writer for herself. Mr. and Mrs. Raichand wonder how to resolve the fight between the brothers. Mr. Raichand doubts Siddharth's intentions. Mr. and Mrs. Raichand have a secret to keep. Mr. Raichand meets the new trustee of Mount College.T makes a plan against Piya so she takes her notes and put it under the desks and tells the teacher that she is cheating but Abhay says someone is framing her for that so he says he won't do this exam either if Piya doesn't get to do it and rips his paper then Misha does it and everyone and T and her gang taunting Piya the teacher says she trust her but still rules are rules so tells Piya to go and have a chat with the trustee Praveen and Siddharth. Siddharth votes for Piya to give her another chance. Mr. Raichand is not happy about it and says “I need to get some fresh air" and he leaves. Piya thanks Siddharth. Abhay is walking while Siddharth opens his card door and says "Am I in your way" and Abhay says "Yes you are" and as to which Siddharth says "Just like that I am in Your's and Piya's way". Abhay warns him. After that Sid leaves humming a funny tune in a sarcastic way . In the car, Sid gets emotional and remembers Maithili and calls her name . He remembers how that day Maithili was being burned , Abhay was stuck in the fire and when Sid enters a pillar falls on him and Abhay shouts "bhai", while in the other side Sid dies of suffocation. After taking Maithili and Abhay's name . Sid comes back to his normal senses and says " I never wanted all three of us to die . I just wanted you maithili. I am sorry I couldn't save you . Then, on the way, Sid meets Piya. He forces her to come and have dinner with him .On the other side Misha and Panchi and Dad go for dinner. Misha is needed in the Shankar-Shaurya household so she ditches her Dad and Panchi on there dinner and goes off to rescue them. Panchi is ticked off because she finds Piya having dinner with Sid knowing Panchi likes Sid. She does not believe in Piya anymore. Abhay is determined to not let Sid get his hands on the all too powerful ring which the Raichands have the burden to keep because the rulers had told them to hold onto it. Piya and Sid have a dinner. Sid flirts with her, wiping her mouth and caressing her hand. Piya is determined to find out more about Sid so she can get Panchi and Sid together. Sid hints that love is waiting for her and he also tries to make Piya think badly of Raichand by saying negative things. Misha and Panchi discuss about ghosts and vampires. Chand reminds Abhay about the ring given by their rulers. He asks Abhay to protect the ring from wrong hands. Arnab, Panchi and Misha come to the same hotel where Siddharth and Piya are having dinner. Panchi feels miserable to see Siddharth and Piya together. Piya asks Siddharth about his lovelife. He tells her that he's had heartbreak before. Later, Piya is overjoyed when she misunderstands that Siddharth likes Panchi. Panchi apologises to Piya as she had mistaken her to be romancing with Siddharth. She tells Piya that she is in love with him. While dropping Piya to the hostel, Siddharth tells Piya that he likes Panchi. He seeks her help in knowing Panchi better. Abhay questions Piya over roaming around with Siddharth. Piya confronts him saying she is not answerable to him. Abhay snaps back saying he has the authority to know about her. Shankar’s landlady asks him to take great care of Misha as she thinks Misha is pregnant! Siddharth finds out that T has been stalking him as she’s jealous of him being with Piya. He offers to go on a drive with T.Siddharth takes T into the forest and plans to attack her. Abhay senses that Siddharth is upto something. He rushes towards the forest to find T’s car parked outside. Chand’s instincts alert him about tensions between Abhay and Siddharth. He tells Haseena that he will need to use the ring. Haseena reminds him of the risk. Abhay and Siddharth face each other in the forest and land up in a fight. Chand stops the fight by showing the ring to Siddharth. He plans to possess it. Then at the Sids office he calls T and on the phone to hear Panchhi that he is breaking off with T. Then at the Piyas hostel Abhay comes there and saw Piya searching information about Siddharth. Abhays tells her to stay away from Sid. Abhay then leaves but his wallet falls down and Piya picks it and notices that there is a photo under Maithili's photo. She is about to see it when Abhay comes and snatches it from her hand. Abhay later reveals that it is of Abhay and Siddharth.(when pia's not around) T announces about the prom night. The theme is sassy 70's. Arnab acts clever and traps Panchi and Misha for giving blood samples. Misha is shocked when she overhears Arnab telling the doctor about taking Misha's blood for a pregnancy test. Misha confronts Arnab over the pregnancy test. He reveals about following her. She laughs it off and tells him that she's in love. Siddharth traps Panchi in his plans. He makes her believe that he's in love with her. Siddharth has to attend the prom night as he is the trustee of the college. He asks Panchi to be his date for the prom night. Misha asked sharya to go to the prom and he agrees ruhi and angad had a fight and said they'll find someone for their own date. t insults pia and kabir prposes pia for the prom and she agrees and t fakes that she saw abhay and siddharth doing something and if he doesn't agree to go with him she'll tell everyone and abhay agrees siddharth is in trouble chand tells abhay and hassena hears them and tell sidharth that he should go away or else his power will be taken by the rulers. sidharth calls piya and to ask about panchi,and shows her a ring and tells that he is going to propose panchi and this a total surprise, panchi comes in sid's cabin and piya had to hide under the table, sid then tells panchi that he can't go to the prom with her..panchi eventually sees piya's hand and assumes that sid is a casanova and is playing with her emotions. while leaving from the office for home panchi sees piya's hand and recognizes it..she assumes piya to be a backstabber but in reality sid wants to drink piya's blood on the night of prom and wants to turn her.Also Haseena wants to save sid from the punishment of the rulers but is helpless.Abhay comes to pick up T for the prom night, while Misha and Ruhi pick up Shankar and Shaurya. Everybody is dressed up perfectly for the prom night. Ruhi gets closer to Shankar on purpose to make Angad jealous. Shankar admires Misha, while Shaurya stares at Shankar. While the fun is on at the prom night in college, Siddharth's evil plans are ready for Piya.he plans that on every full moon day he will bite piya.abhay is jealous because Piya is dancing with kabir.Siddhant enters and dances with piya and abhay inorder to check on him dances with T. misha and Abhay becomes the prom king and queen. Sid takes Piya deep into a forest making her believe that that was the place he was going to propose Panchi.he ties a silver metal wire around the area in order to keep Abhay away from Piya and him while he was going to change her into a vampire Abhay tells sid that no power can stop him to go near Pia and he stares at the chains . finally Abhay reaches to Pia while pia has gone to the car to message Panchi.Here Abhay breaks the chain with his power and tell to stop all this right now.Meanwhile clever Sid sees Pia coming and starts acting that Abhay is harming him.Then Pia tells Abhay to just leave and Sid gets his vampiric teeth next to her neck and the curtain falls. After that, Sid is about to bite Piya, when Abhay grabs Piya quickly and bites her himself. Piya is unconscious. Abhay takes piya home and Mr. and Mrs. Raichand are shocked.after some time,Piya gets up and asks Abhay why he bit her.Abhay could not answer,so left.Then Mrs.Raichand gives Piya some milk which makes her unconscious and makes her to forget whatever happpened.Misha comes to the hostel but could not find Piya.Then she sees Piya unconscious in Abhay's arms.She asks Abhay had happened so he tells some reason.Siddharth is happy because Pia's blood will attract Abhay.Then Misha thinks that she is an idiot. Piya feels this and tells Misha that she is not an idiot. Abhay is shocked as the symptoms are started in Piya. The next day Piya crashes with the teacher and when the teacher thinks of giving them a surprise test, Piya feels it and tell it to the class. The whole class belives it execpt for Kabir. Then the test is conducted and all were shocked that how did piya know that. Misha suggests her to run a tarot reading shop and Piya rejects it. Panchi gives her resignation to Siddarth saying she wants to leave job for personal issues. Siddarth convinces her saying that Piya wanted to arrange a date for both of them but she went off suddenly. Panchi blindy belives everything and goes away to college and tells sorry to Piya and thanks her for her efforts. Piya who does not remember any thing goes to the forest area to see what has happened.Suddenly Abhay appears takes her into his arms and confesses that he loves her. Piya starts crying, touches him affectionately and hugs him instantly.and after that they walk on the road then Pia says that today in the colledge Panchi came and thanks her for whatever she did for her and then Piya asks Abhay that she doesn't remember what happened last night. Abhay tells Piya that he found her laying by a tree near mount girls hostel. Piya still tries to remember what had happened but she remembers nothing. as they pass Siddharth's house, Piya senses that Panchi is in great trouble and she asks Abhay to stop. Piya rushes in and see's Siddharth romancing with Panchi. Piya feels embarassed and says sorry. after a while Pia was wondering that if see can read people's mind then she can read Siddarth's mind, too. Piya tries hard and hard but she can't do it. abhay see's her trying to read Siddarth's mind but she can't because Siddharth is a vampire too, and vampires minds cant be heard by anyone. Abhay tells Piya it's time to go and they leave. Abhay drops Piya at the hostel. The next day in college Misha convinces Piya to hold an all girls pyjama party, where she will act as the fortune teller named Madame Romanova. Piya agrees to do this, while Abhay and his dad are looking out for piya outside of her hostel to keep her safe from Siddharth. Since Piya could read minds she finds out many secrets about her friends. She tells Kabir that the girl who he loves, loves someone else and to just be a friend for her. She tells her friend Ruhi to stick to Angad and to stop being a boy Tracker. She also finds out that Shaurya likes Shankar and he is gay. Piya is surprised about that, and she finds out that Shankar likes Misha. She tells Shankar to tell Misha that he loves her. The Pyjama party is interrupted by the hostel warden, and everyone runs away. Ruhi, Piya, and Misha have their sleepover. Piya tries to go to sleep and she can't so she sits up on the bed where she finds Abhay looking at her through her bedroom window. She goes to Abhay and he asks her why she wasn't asleep. She tells him that for the past few days she hasn't been able to sleep at all. Then we find out that Piya is getting the symptoms of becoming a vampire too early. The next morning we find piya doing her project while MIsha and Ruhi are still sleeping. Misha asks Piya what Shaurya was thinking and not wanting Misha to feel wierd she doesn't tell her that Shaurya is gay. She tells her that Shaurya likes a girl named Shankarina. When Piya reminds Misha of the project she asks to copy notes. When Ruhi wakes up she says we have 20 days to do it so why should she do it now. Misha agrees with her and goes to sleep again. The show takes a leap to 20 days later. They are all sitting in the classroom and the teacher is collecting the assignment that Piya was doing 20 days before. Piya turns in a good assignment which she gets praises for. Misha and Ruhi turn in a bad report. Piya thinks to herself that she hasn't slept in more than 20 days and isn't even a bit tired. After class Piya waits at a table for Abhay to come and he is coming but all of a sudden turns away. Piya gets surprised and sad but then gets a text message form Abhay telling her to meet him in the south hall. She goes there and they have a romantic moment. He tells Piya that they can't meet in public and Piya says she is fine with that, so they hug.Abhay is jealous when Piya is paired with Kabir, and he lets her know about it. She wants to convince an upset Abhay. He asks her to kiss him in front of the whole college. Piya lives upto her challenge. Siddharth comes to the college. Abhay asks Misha about his dance partner. T forces herself to be his partner. Piya confronts Abhay for choosing T as his dance partner. Abhay and Piya get closer. Siddharth plans to reveal their relationship.Piya bumps into her hostel-mate which makes her nail break and her finger starts bleeding. Piya is attracted to drink that blood. Siddharth is irritated as Panchi is taking him to meet her parents. They both reach home. Madhu lies about Panchi's cooking skills to impress him. Misha feels Piya needs to be in a stable relationship. Kabir saves Piya from falling while dancing, when Abhay comes. Misha talks to Kabir and asks him to revive his relationship with Piya. She offers to help him. She makes Kabir and Piya the showstoppers of the dance competition. She asks them to practice after college hours. This makes Abhay jealous. Siddharth decides to have dinner with the Dobriyal's when he finds out that Piya is coming there as well. He reaches at the Dobriyal house and sees Abhay waiting there. They land up in an argument again. Then Misha tells Sid to help her setup Kabir and Pia and Sid is happy to hear that Misha instructs Pia and Kabir to dance together. Sid and Panchi give them appluause and tell them to go to the new restauraunt that's opened they all tell Pia to come Pia texts Abhay to come to the restaraunt.Misha pretends that she has to do her project Pia made the same excuse but all said to come so she had to Pia texts Abhay to here as soon as possible then he does. meanwhile kabir texts misha to come as soon as she can. Misha,Pia,Panchi goes to the washroom together Misha reminds Pia that Abhay will break her heart again that's when gets to know that Misha was planning for Pia and Kabir to be together Pia tells misha that she does'nt want a relationship with anyone yet then misha thinks of an idea she starts to flirt with abhay but because Misha was sitting at the side Abhay in the middle and the other side was Pia sitting they secretly hold each others hands Misha gets annoyed and does the same thing, meanwhile the Dobriyals wants to know more about Sid thats when Danish tells them that Sid is not Panchi's type.Arnab tells him to get out but Madhu tells Arnab maybe we should have listened to him.The morning sunlight falls on Piya while she is sleeping. When she gets up she sees a sun-burn and is feeling irritated. Piya talks to Abhay about the sunlight affecting her. He assures her that everything is fine. Later, she meets Abhay in the locker room and says she is scared about what's happening with her. She shows him the sun-burn. Abhay heals Piya's sun-burn. He is worried about the day Piya will realise that she is turning into a vampire. Misha tells Piya that she feels Abhay likes Piya. She reminds her about the party at home. Misha finds an old picture of her parents and spots Piya's mother, Sugandh, in the picture as well. She is overjoyed to think that Sugandh was Arnab's old friend. Arnab suggests that they should invite Siddharth's parents for the party in the evening. Panchi refuses to do so, but Arnab and Madhu insist. Madhu tells Arnab that she is restless and worried to meet Siddharth's parents. Danish comes to the party and warns Panchi against Siddharth. Panchi assures herself that Siddharth is a nice guy. Arnab gives a speech and raises a toast for Madhu, on their 25th wedding anniversary. Piya is lost in the past. Arnab and Madhu speak to Siddharth's parents. Arnab is struck by doubts when Siddharth's father says he has studied in Kolkata while Siddharth had said he had studied from Ahmedabad. Haseena informs Chand about Siddharth's plan to marry Panchi. Chand says they have to take action. Arnab questions Siddharth over the fact that his parents do not know about the institute he has studied from. Meanwhile, Misha catches Abhay who is trying to steal the DVD that Misha and Panchi made for their father as that contains Piya's mom's photo. Misha thinks that Abhay is spying for his dad and she calls up everybody. Abhay supports Piya and speaks harshly with Arnab so Misha yells at her and pushes her into a glass cabinet which smashed on Piya. She is badly hurt and has lost a lot of blood. Arnab and Madhu tell Misha and Panchi that Piys is his real daughter and how Arnab helped Madhu every time of her life. Misha swears to never speak to Piya again cause she knows that a bff woud never do that.Arnab exposes their secret and Misha and Panchi are shocked. The doctor comes and says that Piya has lost a lot of blood. The Raichands realize that Piya's blood is not human and Abhay takes her home. Abhay sacrifies himself for Piya by per biting his veins on the wrist. Piya wakes up but see Abhay in a bad condition. The question now is will Abhay survive, Piya cries for help, she then sees Siddharth and and asks him for help. Sid knows that a vampire can help other vampire. He helps Abhay, in the morning T and her gang go to the Raichands house to see Abhay for get welll soon. The only thing that Abhay wants to see is Piya. The Dobriyals come to the Raichands house and declare to give Piya to them because Arnab is her real father. Soon even Piya knows that she cannot stay with the Raichands that long, and has to leave with the Dobriyals.Misha leaves her house and goes to Tracker's house. on the next day in the college Piya tries to talk to Misha when she refuses and in class Misha tries to make fun of Piya , meanwhile in the college the dancing competition was going to be held and the producer was Misha. After that Piya tries to talk to Misha and talks about that she was her sister T hears it. T tries to take Misha on her side and tell misha to come to T 's side. T said misha to make fun of piya in the dance competition by applying itching powder in Piya's dress but Misha instead of putting powder in Piya's dress she applied it on Ts dress, because she did not wanted T to come between her and Piya's fight,meanwhile Abhay is looking at Misha and is satisfied that Misha is not angry with Piya but with the situation and will forgive her easily and she will soon realise that Piya is not the culprit and that she has done a wrong thing to her sister.Meanwhile during the dance competition,T starts itching and comes to Abhay.He tells her that she is a joke,but inside Angad is consulting Kabir to let go of Piya as his partner and make Abhay her partner.But Kabir gets irritated and says that he will not sacrifice himself everytime but then Ruhi intervenes and says that Abhay and Piya are made for each other.Only then does Kabir realise that Tracker is right and sees that Abhay really cares for Piya from deep in his heart.Then they (Abhay & Piya) dance together and the crowd cheers for them.

Meanwhile, Sid (sidharth) is one of the judjes and is bribing another judge to vote against mount collage along with Sid, therefore there are two votes against mount collage and one for mount collage, the results are announced that the other collage have won, everyone is surprised, Piya is upset but congratulates the other collage. T begins to argue with Piya saying that it was her fault that they lost, Misha slaps her, Misha says some happy things to Abhay and nothing to Piya. Piya is upset, Abhay tells Piya that Misha does love her as she did not put itching powder in her dress as Misha cares for her, Piya is happy and goes to talk to Misha, Misha tell Piya that Piya is dead for her and that she will get bigger revenge. Piya is upset. Danish discovers that Sid votes against mount collage and that he bribed the other judge as well, and Danish tells Arnab about it, who does not belive him and Danish then says he will bring evidence.

Danish plays a trick and makes Sid and the judge meet in a room. Sid goes into the room and starts arguing with the judge. while Sid is revealing what he has done, Danish and Arnab are hiding in the same room listening to what Sid is saying, Arnab is shocked at what Sid is saying. the judge then tells Sid that he sent a man (Danish) to tell him to meet you in the common room. Sid then realises that someone else is in the room and says 'i smell 2 rats'.

Sid then walks to where Arnab and Danish are, Danish runs away and escapes, Sid makes Arnab unconscious. Sid the tells the judge to take Arnab to sids house and lock him in the bathroom. Panchi decides to have a small party to cheer everyone up, Misha does not want to come, so Panchi decides to have the party at Sid's house so that Misha will have to come. Danish sees the judge take Arnab to his car, and quickly goes to the police station. Sid drops Panchi and her mum home, and pretends a fake phone call to Arnab and tells Panchi and her mum that he will come home soon as he is doing some work.

Piya, Panchi and Sid goes for the party first. The party is based on horror theme and they play a game where everyone has to tell a truth or a horror story. Piya tells everyone about ragini mms. After that Sid starts telling them about vampires and at that time Abhay walks in. Sid in order to reveal Abhay's secret tells everyone to assume that Abhay is a vampire. Everyone there starts commenting about the rude nature and think he is a vampire. Piya saves the situation by telling that if vampires are heartless creatures then how can they love someone to which Ruhi says its not possible for Abhay to be a vampire because Abhay's heart beats for someone, hinting obviously at Pia. Sid threaten's Arnab that he would kill Panchi if he told anyone anything. Haseena found Danish when he clashed to her car and then he tells haseena everything. Haseena realizes that Sid was just using her so she gets angry and goes to sids house. Danish finds him there unconscious near Sid's house so then he runs away. Now Sid is after him.

After the party, Pia and Abhay have some romance in the forest. They come closer and the scene fades while they kiss each other. Danish finds Abhay and Piya in the forest and call for them. there Arnab arrives home with a very stern face. Panchi and madhu are happy. Madhu scold him saying that he should have called. They are together and Arnab is still silent. Misha stop by to check on his father. She peeps in and see that Arnab is home. she is happy to see his family together. Sid comes to the dobriyaal's and ask Panchi's hand in marriage to which madhu agrees and arnav does does not say anything out of fear and helpnessness.

Danish, Piya and Abhay also reach there, Danish confronts arnaav but he lies to all and Abhay supports him but not Piya. They have an argument, Piya asks for any one reason to hate Sid for which Abhay replies that she will regret it and leaves. the next day Piya meets Abhay and they both apologize and he proposes to take her to dinner. Pia says that she is busy and lies to him that she has to prepare for a test. abhay understands that she will be going with siddharth and asks her not to go. siddharth and pia go to see the house which sid bought for panchi. sid was about to bite pia when abhay entered with the gang. panchi overhears her parents talking about sid's surprise. there, pia hears sid talking to his mother decides to unite Sid with his family.

Chand is called by their highness to Kasauli. A landslide happens and Pia, Abhay and the rest go to the hospital to help the doctors with the victims of the landslide. Next, in a series of events Pia gets to know that she has been bitten by Abhay. She is disgusted with this fact and says to him that everything is over. On the other hand, everything is resolved between Misha and Pia.

Next day, Sid takes Pia to the palace where everything started. Abhay also goes to the fort, meanwhile Haseena comes to know that Abhay has left for the fort and goes after him,Chand tries stopping her, but she gets away from him. Later it is revealed that Maithili is a vampire too, Sid bit when she was taking her last breath. Pia finds out about Sid being Abhay's brother,she protestes to Maithili that Abhay loves her, and she shouldn't be doing this...but she doesnt listen and then she says that abhay loved her only till her last breath and left her then it was siddhath who gave her life . she also says that look alikes are born once in 1000yrs and if Maithili drinks Pia's blood, she will be all powerful. Then Sid and Maithali tie Pia up and locke her in a trunk. Sid was telling Maithali that he had taken the help of werewolves for the success of their plan.

An old man Mr Hasni who can capture vampires reveals Sid's truth to the Dobriyal's. Then later he goes to the fort along with Misha and Panchi. He had an instrument in his hand which emitted ultrasonic sounds that reach the ears of vampires. The man wanted to make the vampires come out and makes them temporarily unconscious. Sid and Maithali made a plan that she and Pia will exchange their clothes and positions. So, when Misha was trying to open the door of the palace, Maithali came out as Pia. They immediately left the palace and the old man asked Pia(Maithali) to wear a cloak for her protection. The old man said that Maithali too had turned into a dark vampire because she had been bitten by Sid on the day she had been locked up by her father in a room set to fire. Pia, locked up in the trunk, was trying to communicate with Abhay and tell that the girl who is there with her sisters is Maithali. Abhay goes straightaway to the fort to save Pia. Haseena and Chand came there too to take Abhay away from there when they heard the howls of werewolves and realised that Sid only had called their biggest enemies. even Misha, Panchi, the old man and Maithali heard the ther howls too. The old man, for their protection, sprinkled some powder in a circle around them for their protection. He advised them not to step out of that circle and then took his leave saying that no harm can be caused to him. Then, Abhay's call came to Misha when Maithali snatched the mobile and said that she did not want Abhay to get into more trouble.

Sid brought Pia out of the trunk into the forest and she found that he had tied up T to eat her up. Pia warned him not to kill T and said that if he did so, then she will kill herself and Sid and Maithali wont be able to drink her blood. Sid did not pay much attention to all this. Pia took off her silver chain and beat Sid with it who started shoting like anything and his voice reached the ears of Misha, Panchi and Maithali. She recognised the voice. Misha was about to step out of the circle when Panchi stopped her from doing so. They decided to sit for some time. Misha suddenly noticed that the silver chain was missing from Pia(Maithali's) neck and said that she had never seen her without the chain. Maithali lied that she had dropped it somewhere in the palace and that she was feeling very sad to lose it because she had bought it with her first salary. Misha was surprised because she had always heard from Pia that her mother had given her the chain. She decided to test Pia. She said that it was cold and went near Pia(Maithali). She touched her and found that Pia(Maithali) had turned cold. Misha lied and said that it is good that she and Pia are just friends and not sisters. Maithali, who was unaware of the truth, said that it was good that all the problems between her and Misha's family were solved. Now Misha was totally sure that it was not Pia and sent a message depicting that the girl with whom she is standing is not Pia but Maithali.

Just then, Maithali started communicating with Sid and as she does Misha and Panchi run away. When Maithili finds out she catches them and starts talking with Piya and tells her that her sisters are with her. Maithali then starts choking Misha and then Piya comes, while Sid was told to capture T once again. Arnab and Madhu call Misha but Maithali takes it and tells Piya to tell Arnab to say that she and her sisters were Safe. But, Piya instead of calling Arnab Papa, she called him Daddy which made him totally sure that they were in trouble.

Meanwhile,Chand and Haseena are fighting with werewolves and are losing the fight so just then Abhay comes and kills the werewolf. Hasni after giving out ultra-sonic sound to Maithali as she was extremely close to biting Piya which made Maithali faint, told all the girls to run. Piya said she had to go back(because she needed to help Abhay). Abhay and Sid have a fight and he kills Sid. Maithili threatens to bite Piya, but is not able to because of Hasni.

Abhay talks to Maithili and says that he never loved her, he only loved the old Maithili because she had a beautiful heart. But, he couldn't kill Maithali. So, Maithali puts ice on Abhay's chest which freezes him a bit. Maithili tells him to leave and they will meet in some other world where he will forget Piya and Piya will forget Abhay.

Meanwhile, Piya after re-uniting with her parents and sisters go in search of Abhay by telling Arnab and Madhu that she needed to stop the trouble that she had started. When Piya finds Abhay, Abhay tells Piya that they can never be together and so piya has to forget abhay as he is now under the control of maithali. Abhay then makes piya forget everything about dehradun and gives her a locket for her protection. Abhay then freezes in the snow because of Maithili's spell. Arnab sends piya and misha to Paris.

1 Year Later: Piya is a famous fashion model and she does not remember any thing about Deradhun .When she tries, she remembers a little like when she got into mount college. She was unable to remember the rest of the things. Then she asked Misha to give a brief description of her journey in Dehra Dun. Misha starts telling that Pia got a scholarship and she was admitted into Mount College where she and Misha became friends. Then one day they got to know that they were sisters and her parents accepted her. Then one day they were going by a car when they met an accident and after that their parents sent them to Paris. Misha told her that this all that happened and did nnot even give her a little information about Abhay because he was missing and she did not want Pia to feel disappointed. Then Misha's parents and Panchi came to pick them up. On their way, Pia sees the jungles and asked if she had come there before. Her parents lie to her that she had not visited the forests before. Pia goes into the forest and thinks that why is the forest appearing so familiar and why was it pulling her towards it and trying to tell her something. She tries to remember the things that she had done in her journey from Pia Jaiswal to Pia Dobriyal. At that moment, Misha comes and takes her out which left Pia in a thought that if the forest is dangerous, then why is she feeling so keen about it.

They go back home where a welcome back party was waiting for them. Pia had forgotten everything so in the party, she felt that she had met everyone for the first time. Ruhi was about to speak to her about Abhay when Misha stopped her from doing so. Then Misha goes to Panchi and asks her if Kabir was coming or not. Panchi replied that His new girlfriend wont let him go to Pia's party. Pia than goes and sits at the bar where she ordered for a drink and meets Kabir, about whom she had completely forgotten and talked to him in a way as though she had met him for the first time. She says that everyone in the party knew her but she knew no one. She even talked about Kabir, not knowing that she was talking to the person whom she eagerly wanted to meet. when she knew, Kabir told her that they had had a break up and a disappointed Pia says that how did she leave such a cute boy like him. After that she went to her room and stood near the window and was having a feeling that there was still someone left to meet. Then suddenly her scarf blew out of the window and she reached the forest as she chased it. There she found a spot, touched it and was astonished to find that it was the only spot that was cold that too in the summer season.Then she faints.Then someone carries her (the face is not shown) and rings the bell and puts her at he porch of her home. Then Misha,Panchi and Kabir come and help her to get up. She hears the music 'Na Na' and aks Panchi, Misha and Kabir if even they could hear it. Then Pia says that a part of her past is hidden in the forest. Then Panchi says that Pia is tired and asks her to go to her room. Then Panchi tells her mom and dad about this and they say that Pia should know nothing about Abhay .In the morning, Madhu goes to Pia's room and tells her to call her Mom but not 'Auntie'. Then her father and mother give her a mobile and she is happy.The episode ends with Pia seeing her real mom's photo.

Next day, Misha comes into her room and asks her to get ready for college. from that day, another year for students was starting nthe college. Misha, Panchi, Ruhi and angad ask Kabir about who his girlfriend is. Kabir says that in a short while they will know all his secrets and that time T comes and says that she is his girlfriend, shocking everyone.Then the next day Pia is on her way to college in the middle of the forest when Misha calls her and hangs up she dials Abhay's number unknowingly and when she hears Abhay's voice in callback she wanders and she bumps over Jay and both go to the college together. In the college Panchi comes as the drama teacher so as to protect Pia.During drama class Pia is told to play Juliet part and when she is on stage she sees her old self .. the pia who came to Dehradun a year ago rehearsing the lines and she recites the line so perfectly as if practiced them daily ...then comes Jay the guy who is playing the part of romeo butinstead of him an image of Abhay comes infront of her eyesbut she does not recognize him at all. After the practice is over Jay tells Piya that she is also like the other pretentious girls both of them argue with each other.

After the college is over the scene takes to the gadget shop where panchi is there to buy an i-pod but the last piece was bought by neel who happens to be Jays brother Neel agress to give Panchi The i-pod only of she would have a cup of coffee with him as she is the girl whom every boy of the town dreams to date ,after they go to pub.While in home Misha and Pia feel bored and they decide to go to the new pub so they go there when Panchi see them she secretly runs away from there. Jay also happens to be in the same pub. Misha put a bet on Pia that she have to kiss the person who first comes out of the loo and Pia agrees. Misha had thought that a big and fat boy would come out of the loo but to the surprise its Jay. Pia kisses Jay and tells that it was a bet but he becomes angry and pours wine in Pia's dress Kabir tries to help pia and at the meantime T arrives and misunderstands Pia and T have very hot discussion where she push Pia and Pia nearly falls from the railing but Jay saves her and she sees Abhay's face in him but can't recognize who he is. At the end of the episode it is revealed that Jay posses a hatred and dislike feeling towards Pia and Though not revealed in the show till now but Jay is a werewolf who wants to make Pia's life dreadful but becomes attracted towards her. The next day in college pia goes in the volleyball court,but jay argues that she can't play volleyball. Piya challenges Jay for volleyball but Piya tricks Jay and wins the game.

Jay has logged into facebook as Abhay Raichand. Jay calls Piya to a caffe but they start arguing when they both meet. While coming back from the caffe, Piya goes to Mr. and Mrs. Raichand's house without knowing how she drove there. After reaching the house, she asks about the house from a watchman and comes to know that this house is now abondoned. Then on the way back to home, Pia ragged jay's brother, Neel. She gets nervous and calls Jay from Neel's phone But Jay tells her to get Neel to the hospital. On seeing Neel fainted and not breathing, she gets scared but then she hears voice of Abhay from the jungle. He gives her instrution and tells pia to take water from the jungle and sprinkle the water on the face of Neel. When pia goes to jungle she found Abhay's body frozen. she rubbed the ice with her hand. Then she goes and finds the water and sprinkles it on the face of jay's brother. Then she takes Neel to the hospital. The frozen ice starts to melt with the touch of Pia.

While the police inquires in the hospital, much to Pia's surprise jay takes the blame of the accident.Jay asks Piya to leave the hospital. When she reaches home she informs the family about the accident. The next morning, Piya is arrested by the police, based on Neel's statement. Neel is influenced by T to do so. Panchi goes to meet Neel. Jay is furious at Neel for his constant efforts to get Panchi back in his life. Arnab bails Piya out and she goes to meet Neel. He apologises to her for the whole situation. Piya and Neel are stunned when the lawyer informs them about the accident case on Piya and mentions an eyewitness. Piya hears a voice which asks her to talk to another doctor and enquire about T. She is stunned with the results when doctor gives the statement that T was with her at the time of the accident and she came to know about it when Neel was brought in the hospital. Piya informs the family about T's lie. They all are happy to find out the truth. The next day, she reveals T’s truth in front of the whole college by telling them about T's lie of being an eye witness to Neel’s accident.

Piya's instincts tell her that the man frozen in the forest is the one she has the picture of. When she reaches the forest she is shocked to find out that Excel Builders will clear the forest in 2 days. Then she calls her father and her father tells her that there is a party at Khurana's house(owner of excel builders).She rushes from there to get home. Back at home, Arnab tells madhu that some boy wants to see panchi for marriage so madhu goes to panchi's room and tells her to dress-up nicely. When they reach at party misha makes a lot of fun by carrying alcohol with her. Mrs. khurana introduces herrself and her younger son to them that is Jay. Pia and misha are shocked to hear that and think him the guy who wants to see panchi, but in reality its the jay's elder brother, Neel who is not seen at party. After the formal introduction, Pia moves away from the Jay. Mrs. Khurana sees Panchi and tell her to meet Neel upstairs. Panchi still don't know who the guy is but on seeing Neel she gets furious and they end up in an argument. As Pia tries to meet Neel, Jay appears and they have a fight. Pia drops the drink on her dress and then throws the rest on Jay's face. she goes to the washroom to clean her dress up without knowing that the bathroom she went in was in jays bedroom. He gets furious, they argue again and then Sanjana ( jays so called girlfriend) comes in and sees Pia and Jay together. She thinks that something romantic is happening between them. Jay plays along to get rid of Sanjana, saying that he told her previously that he doesn't want a relationship with her and says that he is with Piya. Piya tries to tell her that he is lying but jay shuts her up. When she leaves, piya tells him he is not her type and he say that he knows cause her type are idiots. Piya tells him he has no affect on her then later he is about to kiss her but abhay calls piya in her mind because the excel builders were trying to break the ice. Piya suddenly backs up and runs away. She gets the keys of car from her father to reach the jungle.

Piya is on her way to jungle. Her car stops suddenly. She is unable to start her car. she stands near the road and tries to got a lift. meanwhile hasena tries to save abhay. But Chand stops her in the middle and tries to take her back. By that time the workers experiencing that something is stopping them cay the contractors that they will not break the ice and went away. In the meantime panchi asks misha's help to stop her marriage. Misha gives a stupid idea of consuming more alcohol. Panchi does the same. Now without realizing what is happening Panchi was engaged to Neel.

The contractors call's Mrs.Kurrana and explains her about the situation. She sends Jai to that place.By that time Pia meets a friend (Maya) of hers who studied with her in mount collage before she forgets everything. She gives lift to Piya and starts to talk about Abhay to her. She also shows the photo of Piya amd Abhay together to her. When piya sees them she gets some memory of Abhay.

Jai reaches the forest and ordered the contractors to get the workers back. When the contractors left Jai started to break the ice. By that time Piya reached the place and stopped Jai telling him that there is someone inside the ice. Jai not believing Piya told her to go away. By that time Jai got a phone call from a girl. So he left the place telling Piya to go away when he is back. Then the wolves howl. The ice breaks. Abhay's hand catches piyas. piya is terrified and abhay pulls piya into the water. seeing piya, abhay loses himself into his own world and remembers the past memories. suddenly they let go of each other and piya finds herself out of the water with not abhay but with jay. jay teases her and mocks her at how she see a romantic story in every situation.jay gives his jacket to pia and takes her to her home.After reaching home,Pia thinks about her angle.She goes to the washroom to wash her face and consoles herself telling that there was no one inside the ice;suddenly,when she lifts her face and looks into the mirror,she gets a guick glimpse of Abhay standing behind her and she looks around finging no one.The next day at college Abhay enters with a girl everyone is shocked to see him and T says that he hasn't changed Abhay comes to Piya and says "Hi" to her and goes from there,Piya is very shocked to seee him and goes to him.Abhay tell her that there was something between they both have oved on,and goes with his hired girlfriend.Because Abhay's company is going to make a studio in a jungle The students of Mount College protest against them and are getting ready to go there where the workers are cutting trees.There Abhay comes and everyone are again shocked that it was Abhay.The students don't move from there and Abhay had to call some guards to hit them with sticks (Lathi Charge)everyone is in a rush Neel and Panchi were also there and Neel saves Panchi and Panchi realizes that he is a good guy.After this pia runs inside the jungle but suddenly a tree branch falls down ,before it could fall on pia abhay saves pia.Then ,they ask many questions to themselves in thier minds and then  have a heated argument . Soon everything settels down and T's birthday comes.Kabir organises a surprise party for T ,and asks pia to invite abhay as he want him to know that let they don't protest in forest property but they are against his buisness plans.pia goes to abhay's house to invite him but due to his absence ,she informs his mother and Haseena assures her that abhay woukd definitely come. After which misha and abhay start a fake relationship to hurt pia. Pia gets jealous and starts a fake relationship with jeh but later she comes to know that misha and abhay were just faking. So, panchi to get rid of neil convinces abhay to be a fake boyfriend of hers. Due to which arnab and khurana family get upset but depressed panchi starts liking abhay ,arnab then goes to raichand mansion but returns with a doubt on raichands of not being human. All falls in place when panchi tells truth to her parents about neil and he dies,pia's memory comes back but till then jeh starts loving pia and alina (jeh's sister) starts loving abhay. Danish is accepted by everyone till all this and kabir realizes his love for misha. By now a great fight starts ,maithli returns and abhay almost dies but comes back as a human with help of alina and pia, depanita also dies, panchi dies leaving Danish devasted and misha realizes her love for kabir. And after all this maithli dies and arnab turns to a vampire and the story takes a 3 months leap, where abhay and pia shift to Mumbai. 3 months later: pia and abhay shift to Mumbai and lead a peaceful life, abhay proposes pia .Abhay has completely turned to human but some powers remain in him . Back at Dehradun misha handels all the office work ia absence of arnab ,and she is getting married to Danish due to panchi's last wish. Jeh has become a powerful buissnessman and alina a college hottie. Pia returns to Dehradun to stop misha marrying Danish but jeh kidnaps her. When abhay realizes this he also returns back to Dehradun and realizes that haseena and chand are captured there. Again a fight starts where jeh dies and both arnab and abhay turn to humans. Misha gets married to kabir as Danish back offs as he still loves panchi ,arnab apologises madhu for leaving and promises to not do so. Pia gets sad when she sees only arnab returning (as she heard that only one would come back her father or her love).but later she gets happy to see abhay returning. After which madhu announces abhay and pia's wedding and they get married in front of all in a big ceremony. for more information(