Abhay-Haseena-Chand Raichand Unity

The Vegetation Vampire's Family Lives in Dehradun and has disguised Them selves as humans. They live among humans. One of the most powerful families in the whole city. This family involved 3 member,Chand raichand (Leader of the coven), Haseena Raichand (Mother of abhay and Wife of Chand) And Abhay raichand (Adoptive son of the raichand couple). Abhay came along in 1900's after being turned into a vampire. They own many historical lands, Companies and schools and colleges. They run The Raichand Industries.


The Raichand's Only Hunt Animals and consume on animal blood which keeps them alive but not much as strong as Human blood. They eventually Run into other vampires and werewolves such as The Khurana's (Orignal Werewolves...). They have exeptional self control on themselves. They have speed, Immortality, Super strength etc.., Their Physical appearance change when the come in their Vampires Form. Eyes Turn blue and Sharp teeth are Out. They are cold-Blooded.They change place of living in every 1-2 years.