"T" is the drama queen of mount college. She is the Queen bee and also the hottest in the college, she loves fashion and wants to be the best in everything. T wantes Kabir to date her so they could become the hottest couple of the college replacing Danish and Panchi who are done with college. She flirts with Kabir a lot and totally ignores all the boys with lower status in the college. But then when Abhay enters the college and Kabir starts flirting with Piya, she tries to get Abhay to be her boyfriend. He doesn't fall for her but he wants to make Piya jealous for some reason. T doesn't care about that and they go out to each place if Kabir and Piya go out. Like a new restaurant, a party, and lots of other places.She tries to take attention of everyone but every hot boys of college like kabir and Abhay fall for piya.She is jealous of piya.